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It's been a long time coming!!

July 20th, 2011 at 04:58 pm

Believe it or not, Iíve been lurking on this site since 2005. Never once have I thought of contributing or at least saying thank you to the many other posters and bloggers for exposing their financial nakedness and thereby educating me along the way. People like DisneySteve, Ima Saver, LuckyRobin, and Banker Gurl to name a few. I have to say I look forward to each of your blogs and message board posts. I read what you have to say and Iíve looked at money more differently than I have ever before. I do have to admit at times I wasnít a very good student although Iíve managed to pull myself up by the bootstraps and pay off every derogatory debt that was holding me hostage from my future.

Accountability is one thing that Iím still struggling with. Mostly itís because I donít know too many people I can lay my eyes on that are doing what I do with my finances, which is mainly to pay down debt and save money. Iím looking forward to now exposing myself. HEY!! Canít we all learn from each others triumphs and failures anyway? I invite all to come along on this peculiar journey with me.